2016 Fred Hall Long Beach, the Show of Shows.


Team Accurate with Lawrence “Squig” Quigley of Fishworks fame.

This upcoming week starts the southern California’s Premier fishing show, the Fred Hall Show at Long Beach Convention Center. If you love fishing and hunting or anything to do with the outdoors this is the place to be. The show will run from March 2nd to March 6th, Wednesday through Sunday with  hours 1 to 9:00 week days, 10 to 9 on Saturday and 10 to 6 on Sunday.

This show offers a look at all kinds of outdoor activities with a lot of focus on fishing tackle, seminars, destinations, and the opportunity to get some great deals on the most current tackle and accessories out there. Accurate will have a booth at the show with our complete line of fishing products with staff on hand to answer questions. If its product related or you have questions on proper fishing techniques, we have the guys in the booth to help.

There will be a lot of cools things in the show to see and here are a few suggestions of must dos depending on your interests:

If you have young children and you are working to get them involved in fishing the trout pond is a must. They can go and catch their first fish or just have fun catching another. If you are looking to gain knowledge on either fresh or saltwater fishing there are a full list of fishing seminars that will be running each day of some of the best fisherman on the coast and local lakes. They will also have talks on key fishing destinations where you can learn your next fishing adventure. What I enjoy is the ability to see all the newest fishing products and tackle under one roof. Shimano, Daiwa, Okuma, Cousins rods, Calstar rods and Seeker rods just to name a few will be there to discuss product as well as show you the newest additions to their lines. There are a variety of lure manufacturers there that include Rapala, Yozuri, Lucky Craft, as well as Tady, MC Swimbaits, Hammer Swimbaits, plus new and upcoming backyard manufacturers getting ready to make a name for their selves.


Team Jen Wren with Dave Marciano of Wicked Tuna.


One of my favorite booths is the Performance Tackle booth which has a ton of inshore baits as well as a great selection of freshwater Swimbaits for targeting the larger California green bass. Marc and his crew are very seasoned anglers with a well-rounded knowledge of both fresh and saltwater experience. If you are looking to check out fishing product with incentives you have to visit Baja Fish gear, Anglers Choice, Turners Outdoors, Bob Sands Tackle, and Eric’s which can help you with all your fishing needs.

The other new addition is the Fred Hall fashion show similar to the days of “Bongo Girls” which will be modeling new clothing and products once a night during the show. They will have some give away swag so make sure you go by and check it out.

Speaking of clothing AFTCO Bluewater wear with their Guy Harvey line will be displaying and selling clothing at the show. You can see the new stuff from Fishworks there as well as Pelagic, Salty crew, Bass Knuckles, and any other new brand that pops up at the show.

Don’t forget to stop by Bill Boyce’s images as you walk into the main venue. He has the best fishing images seen on the west coast. Check them out.

Killer jerky as well as nuts will be on hand to buy and all the beer / well drinks your heart desires. If you plan on drinking bring a designated driver.

If its boats you want to check out you will see everything from Kayaks to 30′ cabin or center console models that are being sold at the show. You want to see some new trucks Ford will have a big display in the center of the show.

Whatever you are looking to do involving fishing, hunting, or just outdoors you have to come and see the Fred Hall Show in Long Beach. It’s a great place to take the family for the evening or spend an entire day.

If you make it down please come by and say “HI” at the Accurate booth.


Until Next time,

Hope all your lines are tight ones.




Team Accurate


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