A Day on the Ohinemuri River

NZ troutAt Accurate they really keep us hopping either looking for new ideas or spending time traveling to far away places doing shows or better, spending time on the water. I recently returned from the Auckland Boat show in New Zealand and had the pleasure of spending a day trout fishing with Brett Tapper, father of our distributor, Kane Tapper of Decoro Fishing.

I spent all night flying from LAX and upon arrival at an early bird 4:45am Wednesday morning (left on Monday and lost a day in the air) was greeted by Brett who had everything ready to go.

Sun was coming up to a rather brisk day, maybe 51 degrees with a little rain and we were off. If you have a dream of rolling farm lands with the coolest green color intermixed with cattle and flowing rivers, this is the place.

After a couple hours on the road we reached our destination, the Ohinemuri river, which reminded me of the days I spent fishing the west Walker river with my dad as a young boy. The morning was rather slow with a few fish caught but as the sun heated up the water in between rain showers the fishing started to get good. The river itself is full of solid riffs with a lot of larger rocks casting shadows. As we worked our spinners down through these riffs and into the shadows we ended up catching a lot of 12″ fish with a few larger models but the brown trout eluded us.

Mid day Brett fired up his portable stove and brewed up some fresh coffee and made the best corn beef sandwiches possible followed by home-made cake and cookies. Then he set off to find the old Brown trout hole on some private land he knew. As we walked through the pastures to get to these hidden holes I opted to go North and he went south on the stretch. Unfortunately for me he landed the nice brown we where looking for and I ended up with one more rainbow.

NZ trout BenAs luck has it, after the last fish the skies opened up and poured on us. I could not have had a better day knowing I had to stay awake to get on their time zone and trust me with fishing like that it was hard to remember I was tired. I want to say thanks to Brett and Kane for their time and this for sure will not be the last time I fish the Ohinemuri in pursuit of those legendary big browns.

Hope all is well with you and your upcoming fishing is off the hook.

Team Accurate
Cheers, Ben

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