A look into Alaska with Captains Steve’s Fishing Lodge

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Golden Eyes are one of the best table fare you can get.

Captain Steve’s Fishing Lodge is a family owned business located on the tip of the Kenia Peninsula in SouthCentral Alaska. We fish on the Cook Inlet, Gulf of Alaska, and a few rivers, lakes on the west side of CookInlet. We fish from May through September for all five species of Salmon, Trout, Pacific Halibut, many types of Rockfish including the big Yelloweye, Rockfish, and Lingcod. We at Captain Steve’s Fishing Lodge proudly take claim to the current IGFA All Tackle World Record Lingcod since 2007 weighing in at 82.6 lbs.

On the saltwater we have custom built 30′ Alumaweld Boats with plenty of seating inside and outside of the cabin, bathroom facility, and fishing deck. We try to spend eight to twelve hours on the water everyday. We target as many species of fish as possible for our clients. On our flyout trips we fish for Rainbow, Dolly Varden Trout as well as all five types of Salmon. We fly to the West side of Cook Inlet, see the beautiful Glaciers, four volcanoes (Mt. Augustine, Mt. Illiamna, Mt. Redoudtand Mt. Spur), plus Sea Lions, Moose, Brown & Black Bears. Usually the Bears are fishing at the same time right next to YOU!

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King Salmon are abundant during season.

Our Lodge is a beautiful, modern fishing lodge. Over 8600 sq. feet with eleven guest bedrooms and privatebathrooms. When you fly into Homer we will be there waiting for you. We’ll bring you back via a very picturesque drive (about 30 minutes) and because we’re doing the driving, you wont miss any of it.  When you arrive at the Lodge you’ll be greeted by some of our ten employees for an introduction and quick orientation. Then you will fill out a breakfast and lunch menu. Soon after you are all settled in, the appetizerswill be put out and the boats will start coming in. Most people then walk out to see the catches and meet the group of clients that are departing the next day. After dinner clients pick out their rain gear and boots in the boot room, then head to bed.

In the morning you come into the dining room and your breakfast is made according to the menu you filled out the night before and your lunch is freshly made daily and taken out to the boat. After breakfast we depart for the day.We practice catch and release  until we get the ones we want for table fare, which are immediately bleed then put on ice. When were done at the end of the day we filet, skin, vaccuum pack, label, quick freeze and box all you catch in airline approved styrofoam lined fish boxes.

Appetizers will be ready soon after the boats come in and it starts all over again the next day!

At Captain Steve’s we strive to be the best fishing lodge in Alaska.

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One of the last places where Giant Halibut still roam the bottoms.

We listen to our clients, tell them exactly what the daily options are, and make it happen safely, comfortably, with lots of action. With over 28 yearsof knowledge we are constantly learning and evolving with all the modern technology in the fishing industry. The demand for the best fishing equipment on the market is a priority. Accurate reels are used on all our boats which we consider the best on the market, period!

We will make your vacation to Alaska one of your most memorable!


Captain Steve Smith

Captain Steve’s Fishing Lodge Ninilchik, Alaska


Team Accurate

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