Accurate Fishing Products to host “Customer Appreciation Day” to share our passion for USA built products.





Accurate Fishing products proud makers of the patented TwinDrag® reels will be organizing their first Customer Appreciation Day in their facility located in Corona, CA to share how they make the Accurate line of USA made reels. This will be the first of  event of its kind and if successful more will be planned in coastal regions around the USA to help inform Accurate friends and anglers of product development, design, and production of the patented TwinDrag® reels.

The Customer Appreciation day is our first event to open our doors and let those inquiring anglers have a chance to see how our reels are made from start to finish. We had put 2 social media sign up invites on both Instagram and Facebook which in a short time, we had a full event the first day on line for the first 50 attendees to sign up. We had limited space so we could make this a more interactive experience for those anglers attending. It is awesome seeing that kind of interest in our product, processes in manufacturing, and the history behind it.

This will be a day of learning for all involved being able to take a guided tour with Team Accurate and see how parts are manufactured from raw material and the different processes each part goes through to play its part on a finished Accurate reel. Those attending will see how David and Douglas Nilsen, the Twins of TwinDrag® reels design, program, and machine reel side plates, frames, and spools for the Accurate line of reels.  This will also include touring not only the production side of the business but seeing how the reels are assembled by our experienced staff.

We will also have the Accurate Pro Staff attending to answer any questions regarding to product and how to use it in fishing applications. These individuals have years of experience and have proven themselves in fisheries around the country.

Our goal is to make sure the anglers involved in the Accurate Appreciation Day or any future events get as much relative information possible pertaining to Accurate and its products.

This Customer Appreciation Event is in response to those individuals wanting more information on our products both design and production wise. We will be filming snippets of the first event to share with all interested via Instagram and Facebook. If you are interested in keeping abreast of other Accurate Events taking place in your area please sign up at

Please visit us at for more product information or dealers in your area.

Accurate is striving to make you the best possible product through design and manufacturing here in the good old USA. We believe through your support and feedback we are able to push the limits towards creating the “Next Generation of fishing reels” that will meet and exceed your expectations and needs.






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Tight Lines.


Team Accurate.




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