Accurate Holiday Gift Buying Guide

Accurate Holiday Gift guide! Gift ideas fro the angler in your life.

Accurate Tern Reels

The Tern is Accurate’s first ever star drag reel. Star drag reels are inherently lacking in the drag department. The creators of TwinDrag set out to make a TwinStarDrag and a new innovation was born. The first ever TwinStarDrag (patent pending) is our answer to the problem. This reel features CVX to make it the lightest, strongest and most castable star drag on the market.

Accurate Valiant Rods

Anglers often have questions about what rod to pair with their new Valiant reel. There is now a perfect match for each Valiant reel from size 300-600. Fishing rod technology has evolved drastically in the past decade, but until now, there have not been many good options for anglers seeking a lightweight, yet powerful rod to match the light weight and power of their Valiant reels.

Accurate Piranha Pliers

Tough and lightweight aluminum pliers with replaceable jaws and cutters. Specifically designed to cut braid perfectly.

Accurate Reel Covers

Accurate neoprene reel covers protect your Accurate reels from the elements and look good doing it? They can be mounted on and off the rod and feature velcro closures and a handy large D-ring for straps or use as a hook keeper.

Nomad Design – The Buffalo

THE BUFFALO is a slow pitch center balanced jig featuring 5X BKK hooks on the tail. It works perfectly in schools of tuna, or on reef species on a slow fall near the bcenter balanced weight means the jig will flutter as it falls, looking like a wounded fish. Available from 80g to 320g.

Nomad Design – Madscad 190 Deep Fast Sink

With a trolling speed of over 12kn the Madscad 190 Deep Sinking is super enticing to wahoo & tuna. Styled on the typical deep bellied bait fish that are so prevalent all over the globe it’s designed to be effective in all environments and achieves the perfect balance between cast ability and swimming action. The flattened top of the head, scalloped sides and small tail wings combine to make the action on this lure truly dynamic.

Grundens – Neptune Thermo Jacket

Built with medium-weight polyurethane-coated fleece lined fabric this hooded anorak moves and stretches with you as you work on deck while delivering full protection against rain, wind, and spray. An athletic cut and underarm gussets further enhance comfort and movement.

Grundens – Deck-Boss Boots

The All New Deck-Boss 15-inch Boot features an updated design that sets the new standard for what a fishing boot should be. The Deck-Boss Boot provides all-day comfort, high performance fit, superior traction, and features that every fisherman who has spent long days in boots will appreciate. Designed to be tough, durable and long lasting, the Deck-Boss Boot is built with a flexible and protective toe cap and an injection molded upper that eliminates delamination and cracking. The Patented “Herkules Grip™” compression molded rubber outsole is certified with SRC Slip Resistance, the most stringent level of slip resistance certification; providing best-in-class traction on wet surfaces. The flexible upper folds down when the full 15-inch height is not needed, and a 1-inch groove holds a durable silicone band that keeps pants out of the muck and legs dry. As with all Grundens Deck-Boss Boots, we are proud to manufacture them in a state-of-art factory in the Pacific Northwest.


Aerospace technology has been utilized to produce our TUF-LINE XP fishing line. Tension Lock Technology TUF-LINE XP is braided under high tension, creating more compaction of the fibers during the finishing process and a rounder profile than competitive lines. TUF-LINE XP is more compact, smaller in diameter, packs better on reels, offers better knot performance, casts longer, reduces rod tip wraps, and boasts higher abrasion resistance. TUF-LINE XP’s state-of-the-art coating remains permanently bonded to the fibers, offering an incredibly long service life with zero shedding.

TUF-LINE – Guides Choice Braid

Guide’s Choice is a hollow, spliceable micro-filament line. The hollow core design allows monofilament to be spliced into the braid for the strongest possible main line to leader connection. Guide’s Choice is a must for “top shotting” monofilament into the braid. Simply insert the end of the monofilament approximately two feet into the braid and use floss to whip the area where the mono enters the braid. Use for making wind on leaders or as a backing for top shotting with monofilament. Use up to 30 lb mono with 40 lb braid, up to 50lb mono with 60 lb braid, up to 100 lb mono with 80 lb braid and up to equivalent lb test mono with 130-, 150-, 200-, 300- and 500lb test braid.

Hi-Seas – Grand Slam Flouro Leader

After the dark early morning run out of the inlet, the sky is starting to brighten and it’s time for you to wet your first lines. You’ve done this countless times before, but today is different. Today you have the advantage of Grand Slam Bluewater 100% Fluorocarbon Leader, with its unique “disappearing” Bluewater color designed to vanish in the abyss and also against the sky. An exclusive blue color and proprietary coloring process that softens the leader and makes it more manageable, without reducing abrasion resistance. The result is a leader that has been field-tested and refined by top offshore anglers for over a year, and which delivers more life-like actions from your baits while effectively blending into its deep Bluewater surroundings.

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