Accurate Introduces New Flat Rate Service Program for 2016

IMG_0548Corona, California – Accurate Fishing Products, known for its patented TwinDrag reels, has recently updated its service program to better service its customers. The new program will cover all parts and labor for one set cost but does not cover reels that show signs of abuse or neglect. Service covers all reel labor,bearings, washers, screws, and any other internal parts necessary. This gives Accurate customers a set price that covers all parts of the service making it more affordable for those anglers do there annual services.

All reels have a set price depending on design.

The costs are as follows: Single Speed reels=$35.00, 2-Speed reels=$40.00, Spinning reels=$35.00, and ATD=$50.00.

For those anglers fishing their reels with frequency through the season an annual service would be suggested to keep the reel in top shape as well as working to prolong the reel’s functional fishing life. With a scheduled annual service appointment during the off season, you are able to fish with confidence and a solid piece of mind. Any mechanical product needs to be serviced to keep it in top working order. Your reels are no difference than changing the oil in the car. Knowing they are in top working order helps you during your time on the water especially in the heat of battle.

Here are some tips to keep your reel in good condition between services. We suggest a couple easy to do maintenance tips that have helped us with our personal gear and that we use as loaner gear throughout the year.

When finished using the reel lightly spray it off with freshwater while the reel is kept in gear. This does not mean a full dousing with the hose with a nozzle. If you spray the reel off with too much pressure you will be pushing salt into the reel with the water pressure. This can lead to having saltwater rest in the internal parts including the bearings which will lead to a shorter life span on the parts and more frequent services. Once you lightly spray reel off with water, wind reel at a fast rate to get excess water off the reel and bump the butt of your rod on the ground which also gets water off your rig. Lastly, wipe it down with a dray, clean cloth and put in in the rack.

What I do overtime is come back the next day and grab my outfit and hold onto the spool with the drag pulled halfway back and wing the handle. This will break all parts free of any possible saltwater buildup inside the reel. The other thing to do is spin the spool in free spools several times to rid any build up on the shaft.

We have used several after market products (GETSUM) on the reel in spray form which also helps protect the reel against possible corrosion.

IMG_0549The last thing we do before putting the reel away until its next trip is to take REEL Lube oil and put it on critical points on reel where corrosion might intrude. These spots include reel seat screws on base of reel, nut on arm of reel, 2-speed mechanism, reel lugs on top of ATD reels, and any other place you might see signs of salt build up. This will help keep all parts in working order and easy to work on in the future if necessary.

By taking these basic maintenance steps  you can keep your reel in top working order throughout the reel. We personally abide by these suggested practices and find our reels that are used often stay in top working order.

For any additional information on service you can visit our website for service form under the Menu icon and then Reel Service.

There is nothing more important than keeping your reels in top working order ready to battle a bruiser. Make sure you have them serviced regularly and follow the basic maintenance tips outlined in this blog for better results.

We appreciate your support and hope all your lines are tight ones.

All the best.



Team Accurate

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