American Angler July 2018 Accurate 5-Day Trip

We had a very successful Accurate sponsored 5-day trip on the American Angler.  This turned out to be a tuna, shark and whale watch trip (no extra charge for the whale watch).  We caught lots of yellowfin tuna, some great whites caught some of our yellowfin tunas and on the way home we were on a whale watching trip.  Check out some of the photos.  Captain Ray Lopez took us to Guadalupe Island for some very nice grade yellowfin tuna (30# to 90#) and yellowtail (up to 35#).   We finished up the trip by hopping from paddy to paddy looking for yellowtail and dorado.   Accurate supplied 20 loaner reels and Calstar provided 20 loaner rods.  The new Valiant line of reels proved to be very formidable for this grade fish.

I want to thank Accurate fishing products, Calstar, IzorlineIsland Tackle, Salas Lures and Sportsman’s Seafood fish processing for support this trip.  I also want to thank Ray, Justin, Rocco, Austin, Taylor, Nick and Josh for making this a great trip.  Thank you to Lori for flawless arrangements and organization from the AA office and a special thanks to all the passengers that made this a very enjoyable fishing vacation.  We all made new friends and new fishing buddies.  Hope to see everyone again next year when we do this again.  In the mean time, I have posted photos of all of my new friends having fun fishing.  Hope you enjoy the photos.  If you want to join in the fun next year, give Lori a call at the American Angler Sportfishing office.

Thanks for checking out this trip report,

Gary Teraoka

Demo outfits (Accurate Valiant 2-speed with matching Calstar graphiter rods and Izorline spectra) A very lethal combination for yellowfin tuna. Go ahead and try one.


Jackpot winners: 1st Kub Ito 88#, 2nd Ricard Ma 86.5#, 3rd Harry Yamada 80#, honerable mention Robin Newton 140#


Izorline Daily Prize Winner: Mike Uyeki


Calstar Daily Prize Winner: Richard Ma, runner ups Marice, Harry and Taj.


Accurate Reels Daily Prize winner: Kub Ito, honorable mention Robin


Hey Taj, you didn’t cause that spectra tangle that Brian is dealing with, did you?


Albert, my number one Accurate customer from last year.  Maybe next year you will add a 600N.


Hi Tim, welcome back to the trip.


Robin fishing, Chuck wishing


Harry with one of the demo outfits


Hi Skip, thanks for bringing 3 generations of Newtons to the trip.


Zach, big brother of Taj.


Justin helping first time long range fisherwoman Stephanie.


Having fun Marice?


Ice Blue 500 Valiant and a Calstar 800 rod.  Sweet.


Chuck and Brad. Where is Skip?


Taj was always bit. Must be the ice blue 400 Valiant.


Crewmemeber Nick (who makes great snacks and hooks lots of fish).  Another ice blue Valiant


Zach fishing and crew member Taylor. Y ou did a great job on your first long trip Taylor.


Taylor and Zach, part 2.


I think this is Gary. The witness protection program does a very good job.


Zach admiring mom Robin pulling.


Doesn’t Robin look determined? Poor fish, never had a chance.


Alan has a whole set of blue Valiants and he has a remote display of the fish finder on his shirt.


Rick using the rail


Gary, I need to get you a Calstar t-shirt.


Crew memeber Rocco with Taj and another ice blue Valiant


Josh doing some serious cooking.


Nick doing some serious sitting and drinking.


Another ice blue Valiant


Rick, Nice yellowtail. Was this the result of the rail fishing photo earlier in this report?


Brad, a commercial fisherman from Hawaii, on vacation in Mexico, fishing


Skip being photo bombed by Justin who is being photo bombed by Alan. Bombs away!!!


Kub’s face is not the only body part in the witness protection program. So are his forearms.


Alan trying to hid from his brother Gene.


Rick being bombed by Justin.


Albert, what’s up or what are you looking at up there?


What’s going on? Is everyone in the same tangle?


Hey Mike, great having you and your friends back on the trip again this year.


Taj, you better have your left arm checked out. Looks like you have a growth behind your left shoulder.


Justin which his new bud Taj.


Nice tuna Gary B. Richard in the background is looking on in envy, but he got a good one that day.


Nice yellow Skip, even nicer when your grandson gapfs it.


Big Boy killer whale.  Probably the male in the pod.


Baby in the middle.


They came pretty close to the boat.


Gary taking a photo of Brad taking a photo of a really close whale. Pretty exciting stuff.



BIG! and top of the food chain.

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