Calstar 6-day, Red Rooster 3, Sep 22-28 2017

All the anxious anglers arrived early, loaded their gear on the Red Rooster 3 and took off an hour early.  We loaded up on a fantastic load of 6 inch sardines.  Andy Cates decided to take us to The Ridge so we had a travel day.  That gave us time to prepare for the yellowtail and yellow fin tuna fishing.  Calstar provided some of the latest model rods for the passengers to use and Accurate reels provided a couple of BV2-500 reels that I combined with Calstar 800M rods as fully configured demonstrator outfits.  At the end of the trip we had limits of yellowtail, limits of yellowfin tuna and limits of dorado.  What a fantastic trip.  We caught fish everywhere we went.

In support of this trip, I want to thank Calstar Rods, Accurate Reels, Izorline fishing line, Salas Lures, Tac Glue, Baja Fish Gear and Sportsman Seafood fish processing for supporting this trip with generous products that the passengers really enjoyed.  I will let the following photos tell the many stories of this trip.  I hope you enjoy seeing the joy that all the passengers experienced.  One passenger (Pamala) was on her very first fishing trip.  She landed one of every species that we were trying for (yellowtail, yellowfin tuna, wahoo and dorado).  Congratulations Pam.

If you would like to join in the fun next year, please give the Red Rooster 3 office a call.  Maria will be happy to sign you up for next year.

Gary Teraoka


Accurate newest Valiant reels on the latest Calstar rods. An impressive combination.


John B. earned a Calstar for the largest fish on the first day of fishing


Congratulations to Rick Carbajal for winning a Accurate Fury reel for the biggest fish of the day,  all I got was an empty box.


David Marino won a Calstar 800H for the largest fish on the 3rd fishing day (and I saw him catching lots of fish with it the next day)


Congratulations to Scott Stroh who won Izorline spectra and XXX mono.


Porter won one of Calstar’s newest rod blank (7400M) for the biggest fish on the last day of fishing.


Pamala (first fishing trip ever) with boyfriend Jim learning how to fish at the bow.


Buddies; Brian, Chris, Rick, and Daniel


Gordon with his 600N Dauntless


Rick with a common expression when pulling on a 9 ft jig stick


Gabe with one of the precious wahoos


Leo and Keith (hiding)


We were busy everyday


Pam trying out a new Accurate Valiant and Calstar rod


Daniel caught this wahoo with live bait and no wire. Talk about good.


Looks like Henry chose the blue flex tape as his raffle prize.


Scott had so much fun last year, he had to come back this year. Hope to see Scott again next year.


John, is this the fish that won you a Calstar rod?


Leo checking out one of the Accurate/Calstar/Izorline demos


Son John was fishing with his father Bill. Where is Bill?


Rich, are we having fun yet?


Rick, thanks for showing off your new Calstar shirt.


Rick’s front view. He was always hooked up.


Rick and Dave. I didn’t get any email saying it was blue shirt day


Hi Chris.


John, checking out Accurate/Calstar/Izorline


John hooked up with one of the demo outfits.


Hi Porter, where is your brother?


Oh, here is Porter’s brother Blake


Gordon, have you been swimming in the bait tank again?


Porter with one of the demo outfits.


Me with a wahoo caught on a Salas 6X in Holloween color


This 500 Valiant and 800M Calstar rod makes a near perfect 40# outfit.


Pam with a YFT that Nick gaffed for her.


Chris having fun with a bait caster


Gabe checking out one of the demos


Ken, thanks for bringing your sons Blake and Porter


Pam with a wahoo, she landed a YFT, YT, Dorado and this wahoo on her first fishing trip ever.


Tyler with a yellowtail


The blue shirt firemen (Rich and Dave)


Chris, Daniel and Rick hanging out at the bait tank with a beer


Come on Scott, you can smile more than that


Daniel, what are you doing with that Calstar rod pointing that high in the sky


Tyler’s bit


Ken filiming me while I photograph him


Captain Andy wearing his Baja Fish Gear shirt


Hanging out after dinner


How many guys does it take to run the line through the guides (I don’t think they have enough guys at the rate they were going)


Tyler standing on bloody decks


High stakes poker with candy as chips. You know they are serious.


Hanging loose. John, Jim, John, George, Keith Henry


Sidney liking the 400 Valiant and Calstar rod.


Now that is a kelp paddy.


I got to be the first one in the water with a bait. Jim, Bill, Chris, Rich, Jim, Pam and Henry back on the stern rail


Cheffy with my 300 Valiant and wearing the wrong t-shirt


Dave with a nice paddy dorado

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