Calstar 6-day Red Rooster III Trip Report

Congratulations to 1st place Gary Sax 33# yellowtail, father Ralph holding son Tim Hughes 49.5# trolling jackpot wahoo, 2nd place Tim Hughes 31.9# yellowtail, 3rd place David Koehler 30.6# yellowtail

We had another great trip, with Calstar Rods the primary sponsor and Accurate Reels, Izorline and Baja Fish Gear secondary sponsors.  We fished Jeronimo Island the first day and found near limits of 20# yellowtails.  The dropper loop method also caught (and released) four Black Sea Sass.  Moving on to Benitos Island and we were able to plunk away at the yellowfin tuna.  Flyline sardine was the most successful method for the tuna.  Made some bait at Cedros and back to Benitos.  We did troll up two wahoo (50#).  We also had the opportunity to see a fish of a lifetime.  It was a giant black sea bass in the neighborhood of 400#.  The shadow at color was big beyond belief and when it just popped up to the surface, it was OMG.  Check out the photo (Nick is a really big guy).  The last day of fishing was when Gary Sax used the dropper loop to hook and land the jackpot yellowtail.  Below are trip photos including daily prize winners and everyone having fun, enjoying the great weather and new friends.  Oh, we caught quite a few fish on top of all that.  Thank you to the following companies for supporting this trip.  Tackle Specialties (Calstar Rods and blank), Accurate Fishing Products (pliers/sheath/lanyard), Izorline (spectra, fluoro and mono), Baja Fish Gear ($50 gift cards and clothing), Salas Lures, Bob Smith Industries (Instaflex spectra connection glue), Sportsman Seafood (fish processing).  We are scheduled to run this same trip next year, so if you want to be part of the fun next year, give Christina a call at the Red Rooster 3 office.

A special thanks to Captain Derek Waldman and his crew.  You guys did a fantastic job.

Thanks for checking out this report and enjoy the photos of passengers wining stuff, having a good time and catching fish,

Gary Teraoka



Jim, how did you like the Calstar 700H and Accurate 600N Dauntless demo outfit?
Leo with his 80# class Black Sea Bass (released) but wins the daily prize Calstar rod
Earl, What do you have on the line?
Chris, concentrating real hard
Grae with a Calstar Loner Rod and Greg approving of the situation
David’s first long range trip, looks good so far
Leo won a Calstar 800MH blank for the first day’s daily prize, I think he is happy
Dave, Tim, Mark, Ed and James waiting for a jig strike
Waiting by the bait tank
Rex, Ralph and Brad making small talk while trolling
Brian, Grae, Ken and Earl
Ed with a nice yellowtail using a Calstar loaner rod
Jeff won a Calstar 700L rod as the daily prize for day 2
Hey Gabe, you look like you are having too much fun
Greg, how did you like my rod and reel; Nate in the background
Nick and Cheffie with a legendary Giant Black Sea Bass, OMG doesn’t begin to describe how big
Check out the “motley crue”. Even Fernando is smiling
Tim with his trolling jackpot winning wahoo
Jeff with the only other wahoo
Rex (3rd), Ken (2nd) and Chad (1st) winners of daily prize for day three. Izorline spectra, fluoro and mono, Baja Fish Gear gift card and Calstar hat.
Nick holding Ken’s nice yellowtail caught on a Accurate Fury and Calstar rod
The 3 Amigos (I mean Calicos). Jeff, Jeff and Ken
Fernando gaffing Ken’s nice bull dorado
Tim came all the way from Tokyo to win a Calstar 800H rod for the daily prize on day 3
3 guys from the witness protection plan (Rex, Brad, Mark)
Trevor with a “not a target species” catch
Nate and Grae, that is a great looking sculpin, but you are going to need to catch a lot more to make fish tacos for all of us
Gary Sax with the jackpot winning yellowtail
Bait tank frenzy
Ralph won the Accurate plier for the 4th daily prize
Tim, father Ralph and Capt. Derek with the trolling jackpot winning wahoo
Abe with a gigantic bull dorado. Crewman Matt (witness protection plan) had to help

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