Calstar Prototype Rod with Accurate ATD-50T (looks like bad news for cows)

Cow Fishermen,
I have been working with Calstar on a new idea for a cow rail rod.  Some of you may have seen the 8.5 fl long, 4XH prototype rail rod that I was carrying around the Long Beach Fred Hall show.  Jonathan Yamate (RP skipper), Roy Rose (RP skipper) and John Yamate (Seaforth Landing and Jonathan’s father) are helping me test the prototype on the current RP  Nakaki 18-day trip.  You can also see the ATD-50T reel that Jonathan used to make fast work of the big fish.  Hopefully they will hook and land many more like this to give the rod and reel a good test and provide lots of valuable data to make a decision on producing the rod.  Thanks for the photos Jonathan.

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Text and photo copied from the RP web report from April 10.
Jonathan took out this 180 pound Yellowfin tuna on his watch using an Accurate ATD 50 and a new Cal-Star prototype Rod, thanks to Cal-Star for the new rod, it’s what the doctor order.

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