Christmas Ideas from Team Accurate

The Holidays are upon us, there are plenty of anglers out there looking for something unique to add to their fishing arsenal. Accurate has a good selection of interesting fish related products that are a perfect fit for these anglers  fishing needs especially during this gift giving season.


Mid Knot Pullers
Knot Puller available in three sizes and colors.



One of the best fishing tools I have used this year for tying braid to fluorocarbon leaders and securing all knots so they are cinched is a Knot Puller. These knot pullers come in three sizes and we have a couple different options in our online store but I have been using the Dual Mini Stick. There is a smaller one for your pocket and a larger one for the boat but no matter which size you pick, they are a necessity when tying braid to mono with Albright, Paino, or no name knots. The most important thing with a knot is that it is cinched and ready for weight of a big fish. You do not want your knot cinching while in battle, at that point you have created a weakness that could end in a lost fish. They are very compact fitting one handle into a larger diameter as pictured and when you are finished you just thread them together and back into your bag or pocket. Definitely one of the best gifts out there for the hardcore angler.



Scissors ? Cutters
Split Ring Braid Scissors and Yellow Handle Cutters, a necessity for every tackle box.



Split ring scissors
Split Ring Tip Pliers

If you are constantly messing with changing hooks on some of your plugs you cannot go wrong by adding a pair of Split Ring Scissors to your fishing tools. These little Scissors do big work on split rings to 80 or 100 pounds and are very useful when finishing off rigging knots or leader rigs when cutting off excess line. They work great on cutting smaller mono leaders and braid.


Another very useful Christmas gift for any angler is Cutters or Scissors designed for use with braid. So many tools supposedly designed to cut todays spectra or braided lines only work part of the time. These two little gems are worth their weight in gold. The Yellow Handle cutters cut both braid and mono with ease. Looking for a functional present that will be used every trip, these are a no brainer for sure. They have a locking device to keep them in a closed position for easy storage and to alleviate any sharp edges. We have used them throughout our trips and are the best set of reasonably priced cutters on the market.



Crimping Pliers
Crimping Pliers for mono and wire



If rigging lures is your cup of tea, these calibrated Crimping Pliers are something you should look at. Looking to get a consistent amount of pressure on each crimp, these are the tools for you. They will work on 50 to 500# crimps with no problem and have a built-in ratchet that will give you the same amount of pressure to secure the line or wire within the crimp to alleviate the possibility of any potential lost fish. They come in black with comfortable red handles and lock in the closed position for easy storage. A must for any boat owner needing to rig a lure in a moments notice.






Smith Gloves
Smith fishing Gloves available in Blue or Red

For the active jigger in the group we have Smith Fishing Gloves to protect your hands from the ever so sharp braid as it goes through your fingers at high speed. We have both Red and Blue colors in three different sizes that will fit women and men for their protection. They are super comfortable and form to your hand. Ventilated top for comfort. If you are fishing braid and your hands are close to the reel these will definitely help you avoid any possible cuts. they work wonders for the spinning guys out there for sure. ready for years of use. Check them out.









Looking for some fish catching lures we have a limited supply of AOF lures including Poppers, Glide baits, and Stick baits for some Walk the Dog action.

Mid poppers
AOF Hachi 25mm Poppers

These poppers will definitely bring those big bruisers up to the top for a look. We have the AFO Hachi Poppers in three different sizes including a 25, 40, and 120 gram that has a 40mm cup for the ultimate popping action.

Baby poppers
AOF Hachi 40mm Poppers
Big poppers
AOF GT CANDY 120mm Poppers










Side to Side baits
Stick baits


The AOF X-Slider is an awesome topwater bait for Tuna, Giant Trevally, and a whole range of pelagic throughout the world. Easy to cast and can be retrieved at various speeds depending on the cadence they require. These baits will get them moving for sure.

Your tackle box would not be complete without at least one AOF X-Walker stick bait to cast a country mile and work side to side. Catches anything looking for a wounded baitfish on the top. Great fun to fish on spinning gear.

All these lures should be rigged with heavier split rings and substantial hooks for larger gamefish.





The Christmas Season is all about giving so make sure you check out the Accurate Online store for gift ideas for the fishermen around you.

Happy Holidays to all our friends out there.

Looking forward to a Healthy and Prosperous 2016.

Tight lines.

Team Accurate


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