Destination Fish, Los Brailles East Cape Mexico

Beginning of a new day on the east Cape.

Looking for the whole package, relaxing down time, great inshore and offshore fishing minutes from your door. You can find it in Los Brailles Mexico.  Once your feet hit the ground after your hour ride from the airport seems like time stands still. With several places to stay including Rancho Leonero which is a self-contained resort with lodging, great restaurant/bar, and the boats meet you on the beach every morning. If you opt for a place in town Hotel Palmas De Cortez is another alternative that gives you the taste of old Mexico located right in the middle of town. They have their own fleet of boats to serve your fishing needs and offer other adventures like diving, Parasailing, water sports, etc. If you want a more personal trip we often stay with the Jen Wren crew of Mark and Jennifer Rayor. They have a comfortable house for rent right on the beach and offer three sport fishers that are moored right in front of the house for the ultimate convenience. All the Jen Wren boats(two Cabo 35’s and an Innovator 31) are equipped with Accurate reels, Cousins and CalStar  rods with excellent terminal tackle  on hand. His crew consists seasoned vets with years of time on the water. It’s an all included experience, show up hit the grocery store for the weekly eats, and get ready to pull on some fish.

Fun with the family
Fun with the entire family.

The fishing side of this trip gives you a chance to check off some of your bucket list species. East Cape depending on time of year offers a variety of game fish including Blue Marlin, Black Marlin, Sailfish, Wahoo, Tuna, as well as the inshore fishery including world renown Rooster Fish. Best times for certain species can vary but if you want to catch fish, anytime from May to October is excellent. They have the tackle to catch the larger game fish including marlin over 500 lbs as well as tuna that can range from 100 to 300 lbs. If you are looking to broaden your species count, Los Brailles is definitely a destination for the angler in pursuit of some serious fishing. The fishing starts right off the beach with billfish cruising within a mile of the beach or closer. If the fish are gathering up off the light house which is north towards Punta Arenas,you are in for a treat, the view is absolutely awesome with some of the nicest beaches in the world. The abundance of Billfish especially Sailfish and Stripe Marlin make this trip perfect for the video camera, creating memories for years to come. Looking to try your hand at tuna or maybe a Wahoo running off shore can be very productive during the right time of year and the tuna especially will test your physical being.

Blue Marlin coming in for release

Los Brailles is an excellent place to sit and unwind for those looking for solace from the buzz of everyday life. You can walk down uncrowded beaches and if you feel like getting a four-wheeler you can take off on your own adventure with miles of beach to explore and target Sierra Mackerel, Lady fish, and the mighty “Pez Gallo” other wise know as  The Roosterfish. The very unique dorsal fin of the Rooster looks like the top comb on a rooster’s head and when they are in pursuit of a bait that is all you see. Pretty amazing to experience visually with a lot of hit and miss action. It’s a bucket list item for sure.

Punta Arenas Light house
The Punta Arenas Lighthouse.

So if you are looking for a great vacation to unwind and spend some time on a boat, Los Brailles is the place to try. Get your T-shirt and put your trunks on with your favorite pair of slaps, and get ready to enjoy the experience, Very few places in the world like it.





Hope all your lines are tight ones.


Team Accurate

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