East Cape: The Paradise below the border. By Mark Rayor

Reflecting back to 1991 when Jen and I pulled up stakes from Southern California and moved to Buena Vista. Compared to today that time was like the stone age. There was only one phone in our little town and communication was very limited. No internet, no cell phones and importantly during hurricane season no weather forecasting. In those days all the local resorts pulled their fishing boats and closed up shop for August, September and into October.

I quickly found and experienced that during the time the resorts were closed and everyone booked out of here were some of the best fishing times. When storms threatened we hunkered down but that wasn’t often and to this day it is my favorite time of year. August and September are the most humid time making it sticky and uncomfortable but the trade off is well worth it with calm seas and spectacular fishing.

Communication has changed the game. Now with cell phones and internet service we are plugged in and always aware of what is happening around the world. Weather forecasting has become sophisticated and accurate. Now we have plenty of warning of an approaching storm and time to react. Enough so that boats and property can be secured before becoming in arms way. Now the resorts stay open giving anglers the opportunity to take advantage.

Still some are afraid their timing might not be good. Others don’t like the heat and humidity. Well, now visitors can get off the plane and jump in an air conditioned shuttle to arrive at air conditioned accommodations. Even our fishing boats have A/C. Those that have dared to try it keep coming back.

I am reminded that June 11, 1991, at about 11am we experience a total solar eclipse. Yes, it got completely dark for several minutes. I don’t remember how it came to be but we got the special glasses and were able to watch the moon eclipse the sun. It was an event I will never forget. Unfortunately the last one we were further south so we did not get to experience it. If you are looking for a close vacation please visit us at : www.teamjenwren.com

Yellowfin have been plentiful







That little Accurate Valiant is tougher than the average angler














Cubera are the best!







Another hoo hits the deck. Halco Laser Pro’s rock









Love those smiling faces







Jen Wren in her Glory!








Tight Lines.


Team Accurate

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