East Cape Update with Team Jen Wren: Where’s Willy?

At the drop of a hat or flip of a switch, how ever you want to put it East Cape has gone from winter to spring After a somewhat mild winter the Sea of Cortez has been like a pond for days.

While spring has arrived early this year anglers have not. There is only a small handful of boats in the water and very few departures. Fishing reports have been mixed which indicates to me the bite has been inconsistent. The water temperature is 67-68 degrees and warming. My prediction is when it tops 70 the game fish will pop.

Whale breaching for fun

A friend that I can rely on said they spotted a broadbill swordfish. That was all the motivation needed to get Vaquera in the water. Yesterday we travelled some 30 miles off shore in search of that swordfish. The surface temperature charts showed a temp break but I was unable to find it or Willie. The amount of sea life we did see was amazing and the stage is set for good things to come.

Tight lines,

Team Accurate

The Jen Wren ready for battle.




Everyone loves the porpoise.








The peaceful, unassuming leather back turtles of the east cape.
Siesta time for the local dogs








Mr. Willy aka Swordfish cruising the waters of the East Cape.
The ultimate catch rod and reel wise Ziphias Gladius ” Mr. Swordfish”

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