Fishing with the Family

Little Summer and Dad in the early years.
Little Summer and Dad in the early years.
Summer's fat Yellow from last week.
Summer’s fat Yellow from last week.

Recently, I was fortunate enough to spend a few days fishing with my daughters who were home from college on break. I forgot how much fun it was to spend time on the boat with them enjoying what we love to do. They have been fishing since they could walk and truly enjoy the time on the water. All this is a result of investing time fishing with them when they were small. My wife and I would take them any chance we could but made sure it was a commitment through all their growing years. Many families are pursuing traveling sports, once their kids are old enough to be competitive, they forget the special times spent on the water or in the outdoors.

Today with computers, cell phones, and the myriad of video games that steal our kids time, it is very important that we focus on spending as much time with them outdoors, hopefully on the water. Fishing has turned into a hallow place for most of us being able to escape the pressures of everyday life, while creating the opportunity to recharge our batteries. That is why my focus was to get the kids involved in fishing in the first place. My dad started me young and passed off this life long gift that I have passed onto my kids. The pure love of being on the water and the rush of catching a fish, no matter what the size, is something that cannot be matched. The time we spend talking on the boat and sharing these experiencing leaves memories and images for a life time.

Dad and his girls.
Dad and his girls.

Last week’s fishing adventures with the girls included a day chasing the local yellowfin tuna and battling the yellowtail on the 105 spot out of LA harbor. We had a ball fishing smaller tackle that included the FX2-400 matched to a BX-7030C Boss Extreme rods with 50 lb braid. The smaller outfits held plenty of line but were very user friendly so my girls were fighting the fish instead of the tackle. These types of trips leave them yearning to get back on the water which is the most enjoyable time for me bar none.

The Accurate Crew spends a lot of time fishing with our kids, instilling the stoke of the complete experience on the water. No matter if its catching bait, looking for paddies, or pulling on fish, we look forward to the next time we can get the family on the water to share the moment.

If you have young kids or teenagers, make the time to take them fishing.

You will create memories that you can share for years to come as well as create new ones every trip you take.

Tight lines.

Team Accurate

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