Gift Ideas for the Angler in your Family

The Holidays are upon us and people are looking for the right gift for their loved ones. Looking for a good gift to tell your wife you need or your son that is a fishing fanatic? Here are some good gift ideas for your favorite angler.

The amount of time spent on the boat does not always apply to your tackle but to other things that are also an important part of your day on the water. Some of the basic tools of the trade that can make your day a lot more successful as well as comfortable while fishing.

  1. Accurate APXL7 pliers

    One key tool that all of us need in our bag of tricks when getting on the boat is a good pair of pliers. There are a lot of pliers on the market both imported and domestic. The Accurate APXL 7 Piranha 7″ pliers have been on the market for years and within the past couple years have been undated so they are lighter and more comfortable plus have great cutters for braid. These pliers are made of 6061 T6 aircraft aluminum plus anodized for maximum corrosions resistance and have carbide jaws/cutters. Material has been taken out of the arms with additional lightning holes for maximum light weight with out giving up strength. They offer both regular and split tip jaws for dealing with split rings. The APXL7 pliers retail for $99.00 and are available at dealers or on line stores. Click here: Accurate pliers



Grundens Gage waterproof bag

2. Another cool gift for the angler on the go is a good water proof back pack. There are a lot to choose from but some of the better ones I have seen include the Grundens Gage 30 liter Rum Runner which I have personally used on trips with good success. The COR waterproof dry bag is also excellent for guys on the go looking to keep the stuff in their bag safe and dry. The COR comes in 25L and 40L sizes. The key to these waterproof bags are top openings that fold over. The other problems I have seen in a lot of “waterproof bags” is the zippers are not waterproof. I think it is better to have less zippered compartments and if you need them make sure that the main compartment is separate from those zippered compartments. GrundensBag

COR waterproof bag


Once the zipper leaks the whole bag will be wet. Make sure all seems are waterproof. I find that with one large compartment its good to take your belongings and put them in separate bags to store inside so you do not have to dump bag. Gallon zip locks work great. Rolling clothes up also makes seems more compact in a single compartment. Last thing to think about is how long is your average trip. Why? What size bag should you get? I tend to go with the bigger bag since room is always important especially on multi day trips to have the extra room. CORBag

Costa Del Mar Blue lense


3. Nothing is more important than a good pair of Sunglasses on the boat. Sunglasses are one of the best gifts to give to someone always outdoors or on the water. What type of sunglasses depends on a couple different things. The fit of a pair of glasses is very important. Two places to check are the bridge of your nose so its not tight and the glasses are not real heavy leaving a mark on your nose. Second place is the width of the glasses so they not squeeze your temples. Nothing more painful then having glasses that do not fit well and wearing them all day. One other factor with glasses is the tint. Hardcore anglers usually have two pairs, one for high light and one for low light conditions. I would start with the high light conditions which is a blue polar tint and work into the second pair as needed. Low light tint is for early morning late evening and the high light tint is the rest of the day unless its cloudy. Some excellent glasses to look into for gifts are Costa Del Mar which is the leader in the fishing market. Others include Smith optics which has been popular with the fly anglers and is moving more making stream. The new guy on the block is Electric which has great lenses with very comfortable frames. Prices on Sunglasses varies from $99.00 to $300.00 and are the most important piece of equipment you need to save your eyes and more importantly see fish. CostaDelMarglasses


Fugoo Go Waterproof Speaker


4. Something that really helps with the mood of the day on the boat is a good waterproof speaker. This little gem will cost about $49.99 on line and its an awesome thing to have in the bag. Cool thing is you do not have to worry about it getting splashed because they back their speakers for a year warranty. With todays electronics you are carrying your music with you on your phone so with just a click of your bluetooth setting on the phone you are connected and playing your tunes. They come in a lot of cool colors but for their size they put out a lot of sound. Make sure you get one of these in your bag no matter where you are headed. Tunes make your day that much better. FugooGoSpeaker

Nixon Basic Tide Watch


5. A Nixon Tide Watch is one of the best tools I have used as a coastal angler throughout the United States. Fishermen that spend their time on the water during the bite times will tell you the importance of tidal movement. The new tidal watches on the market can offer you up to date information on whats up with the tides with the push of a button. This is key when looking to find certain prime conditions that will increase your percentages of catching fish. Looking for the tidal peak coinciding with low light conditions? Its all possible with this watch. You can check tides days and weeks ahead. The accuracy of the tides is really good. The nixon tidal watches start around $100.00 to $300.00 and are worth every cent. This is the perfect gift for the hardcore waterman in the family. NixonTideWatch


Tuna Flag Trucker Hat

6. The last gift suggestion is a very important piece of a fisherman’s wardrobe. Accurate has just added a line of clothes to their existing products. A comfortable hat not only protects you from the elements of the sun but can also show people the passion for your sport. Two new hats include the Tuna Flag trucker hat built for warmer climates giving you a cooler fit with plenty of air circulation.Black with mesh backing.



Fish Hard Tuna Tails Hat



The other hat is the new Fish Hard Tuna Tail design which is a twill hat built for comfort and those cool winter morning runs. The Tuna Tail design reflects the Long Range boats coming home with the cows lined up tails up on the rail. This hat is Gray Twill with our Fish Tails logo. Both Hats retail for $19.00 on line. See them here at: AccurateApparel






These are some presents your angler in the family definitely could use during the year. We here at Accurate are wishing you Happy Holidays and a Merry Christmas.

From your friends at Team Accurate.

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