Interpreting good information both on the water and off leads to catching more fish.

F6C08C4C-464E-49CD-B6E5-8337DEDFB18DLooking to catch more fish? We live in the age of instant information that is available through cell phones, chat rooms, Facebook, Instagram, and a variety of electronic sources where we can find out information as it happens. This kind of communication has helped with developing accurate fishing plans that often lead to more caught fish. There are a variety of good sources to tap into regarding current information.

One of the most important ones that most of us use is the weather maps available online and through certain fishing webpages. One of the best ones throughout the country to use is This gives you updated weather information no matter where you are. It’s a government site that gives you actual weather information from buoys situated throughout the neighboring oceans of the United States. We usually check this site the night before any trip we plan to be on coastal waters. Gives us a very good idea of what type of weather we are in store for. It is pretty accurate with the buoy information. Other websites that are handy include NOAA Wind Map, Lunar tables, and tides. It is very important to make sure you are safe before you leave the dock and checking these sources helps you get a clear picture of what the weather is up to. On the west coast we have Bloody Decks and ALL COAST which is both a fishing information site and board with weather and fishing reports. The main site people are using on the west coast for daily fishing information is Fishdope which is a sister site to BDOutdoors. Depending on where you live there are a variety of sites throughout the United States that include 360tuna in the Gulf States and Noreast on the eastern seaboard. The money you invest for an annual subscription is definitely worth it. Not only are you getting some good information regarding weather and fishing you have the opportunity to meet other people with similar interests and form your own code groups. It’s amazing how much you can learn when you listen to the right people. There are those individuals that do their fishing on the keys of a computer and those that are truly trying to learn. Once you follow this for a while you will be able to figure out the ones trying to help others with their fishing. There is a very unique group of people but there are always anglers that can help you along when you are trying figure out rigging or a technique.

BD Fred Hall GuideBD Fred Hall GuideOne of the other ways to get some really good fishing and rigging information is to follow some of the better, more established fishing magazines on line. I know Sportfishing Magazine as well as Saltwater Sportsman have very informative sites with lots of good fishing information. This type of information can help you formulate where and when to fish in different regions as well as learn what the more prominent fishing baits and techniques used to target specific species. There is nothing like surfing the web for information and I spend a lot of time looking for those anglers willing to share through writing down their experiences. Spend the time looking and the amount of diamonds in the rough you find is amazing. The internet is full of information just need to figure out how to extract it.

Another great way to find out information in your area is joining the local fishing clubs. You can go online and google local fishing clubs and see what pops up. Finding people with the same interests and passion really makes things more enjoyable. Sharing information as well as meeting potential new fishing partners is the best way to grow as a fisherman. They have club trips on party boats, tournaments, and booking trips to exotic locations is all part of the itinerary. They usually have monthly meeting and are always looking for new members to be part of the force.

One thing we do here at Accurate is seminars for the local southern California clubs which turns out to be a blast. We pass on product and fishing knowledge and get critical feedback from our end users. This helps both parties involved and we are all able to share the passion towards our common interest, fishing.

The more information you gather the better off you will be with fishing knowledge both on the water and off.

Prior planning prevents piss poor performance. Do your homework. It will lead to more fish on the line.


Until next time. Hope all your lines are tight ones.


Team Accurate


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