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Fury Single Drag Reel Series

Looking to purchase the right reel for your fishing needs during the Holidays? Here is a simple overview of Accurate’s line up of reels. Accurate is best known for its “Built in the USA, Patented TwinDrag®” feature on its reels and recently made its first single drag reel, The Fury.

The Fury reels have established themselves as a Blue Collar, hard working, introductory reel for the Accurate product line. Accurate’s first designed single drag reel is made of all the same materials and features of its predecessors with 6061 T6 anodized aircraft aluminum side plate, frame, and spool, 17-4 gears and shaft for durability, with features that include a sleeved spool for maximum casting distance, and a graduated lever drag for easy use during any battle. Fury has Accurate’s new Stainless Steel ARB bearing with seals for better corrosion resistance. This reel comes in 400, 500, and 600 sizes with narrow sizes available and offered in both single speed starting at $234.00 and 2-speed models starting at $329. These reels have a Silver with Gold high lights coloration. Proven on gamefish throughout the country, the Fury is one reel you want to add to your arsenal based on its proven track record and great price

See the Fury Line here: https://www.accuratefishing.com/boss-fury-reels/




Boss Extreme Reel Series


The original smaller TwinDrag® reels, the Boss series have become standard issue for a generation of anglers looking to battle bigger fish with smaller reels. These reels with the patented TwinDrag® feature loaded with braided line give anglers the ability to scale down in tackle size, giving them a more enjoyable experience as well as landing fish at one point in time, not possible on such small reels. The Boss Extremes were created to be strong, powerful, with an extremely smooth drag. They were the foundation for all the other smaller reels created since. The BX/BX2 series are made of 6061 T6 aircraft aluminum backed with 17-4 gears and shaft with a stainless steel ARB that is nestled between two seals that protect it from any possible corrosion intrusion. The Boss Extreme reels also have a sleeved spool for max casting distance.  These reels are proven performers with more fish then you can believe under their belts. These reels come in sizes 400, 500, 600, 30N, and 30 with narrow sizes available and are offered in both single (BX) starting at $429. and two speed models (BX2) starting at $539. The Boss reels come in  silver with Blue high Lights.

See the Boss line here: https://www.accuratefishing.com/boss-extreme/



Valiant Reel Series


Looking for the new kid on the block in the Accurate family, the Valiant series has created a buzz in the industry like no other with its new curvature look, lightweight design, and torquey-powerful feel. This reel has taken comfort and lightweight to a new level for an average fishing combo. The BV-400 size weighs in at a mere 14 ounces and that coupled with one of today’s lightweight graphite/glass blanks creates the ultimate lightweight fishing experience. The BV series are evolving into the ultimate Small Reel Big Fish reels. Like their big brothers the Valiant series featured Accurate’s patented TwinDrag® feature, sleeved spool for max casting distance, calibrated drag, and the easy find Cam Stop which keeps you from going into full when pushing lever forward. Like its big brothers, the BV series is made of 6061 T6 aircraft aluminum, stainless steel gears, sleeved spool for max casting distance , and a stainless steel ARB bearing. The Valiant reels come in sizes 300(9.9 0z) in a single speed model($399) and the 400(14.3oz) size is offered in both single($459) and 2-speed model($559) with more sizes available in the near future. This reel is ready to go the distance and more for your inshore and offshore needs. The Valiant reels come in silver with red highlights.

See the Valiant line here: https://www.accuratefishing.com/valiant/



Dauntless Reel Series


Looking to get the top of the line reel with maximum stopping power, the Dauntless was designed as the flag ship reel of the Small Reel Big Fish movement. The Twins pull out all the stops designing the Dauntless for those hard pulling, angry gamefish. The Dauntless series was the first reel we designed with focus on eliminating weight while offering strength and power like its fore fathers. The Dauntless has our patented TwinDrag® feature for a smooth, powerful drag, with a stainless steel ARB bearing plus two synced dogs that are always in motion for max stopping power. This reel is made of 6061 T-6 aircraft aluminum with 17-4 stainless steel gears. This reel features include sleeved spool for max casting distance, and a calibrated drag lever so you know exactly where you are at during a heated battle. The Dauntless is only available in 2-speed models starting at $629 to $679. The Dauntless reels come in silver with black highlights. Looking for the ultimate in stopping power in a smaller reel, the Dauntless is the one hands down.

See the Dauntless line here: https://www.accuratefishing.com/dauntless-twindrag-reels/






For the Spinning reel enthusiasts out there Accurate has a whole line of spinning reels that are built for the pursuit of hard pulling gamefish. The SR series of patented TwinDrag® spinning reels are built like their conventional brothers with a smooth, powerful drag, easy inter- changeable spools, with a sturdy frame and rotor to handle the heat from the larger, angry gamefish. These reels are built with 6061 T-6 aircraft aluminum and the larger SR’s(12,20,30) feature 17-4 stainless steel gears for max pulling power. These reels have been proven around the globe for larger Giant Trevally, Dog tooth tuna, Yellowfin Tuna, and larger Bluefins on the poppers. These reels come with manual bails and can handle surging runs by the best of the targeted gamefish. The smaller SR-6 is the smallest of our TwinDrag® spinning reels and works perfect for school tuna, inshore species, and light line situations when the situation presents itself. The SR line starts at $599 for the SR-6, SR-12($779), SR-20($819) and the SR-30 at $919. All SR’s are offered in our original silver color.

See the SR Spinning reel line here: https://www.accuratefishing.com/twin-spin/



atd-poster-36x24The last line of reels started the whole family of Accurate reels, the ATD series was introduced in 1997 to subdue giant yellowfin Tuna on the southern California Long Range trips. The initial TwinDrag® design developed by the Nilsen Twins  was first introduced in the ATD-30 and the rest is history. The ATD family was born and raised on the Long Range boats of San Diego chasing the elusive “Cow” (Fish exceeding 200 lbs)Yellowfin tuna. The ATD series was expanded  to include the 12, 30,50, 50W, 80, 80W, and 130 size which is seen regularly on National Geographic Wicked Tuna on the FV Hard Merchandise with Capt. Dave Marciano. We also designed a group of reels(12, 30, 50) especially for rail fishing with a topless frame(no top bar) so anglers could pinch the spool to apply more pressure on fish when they are in the death circle. The ATD’s are the grandfather of all TwinDrag® reels with notable, monster gamefish caught on them from 300 lb yellowfin tuna to 1000 lb Marlin and Bluefin tuna. Proven on the water, these reels are built in the USA, built in Corona, California one at a time. Over built with the best materials, 6061 T6 aircraft aluminum, 17-4 stainless steel gears, ARB bearing with synced dogs, and ABEC class 5 sealed bearings to handle their time around saltwater environment. Built sturdy and solid to be able to deliver the power when you need it. Looking for reels to chase bigger gamefish globally? The ATD series has a reel to fit your needs. These reels are priced from $1025 to $2049 and offered in our original silver color.

See the ATD line of reels here: https://www.accuratefishing.com/atd-platinum/


All Accurate reels are built in Corona, California in the good old USA.  All reels mentioned come with a free 2 year Service warranty good upon registration.

For any product or service questions you can call us at 888-222-8372 or email us at: info@accuratefishing.com.

Visit our site at accurate fishing.com

Tight lines and good fishing to you all.


Team Accurate

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