Mark Rayor of Jen Wren talking what to expect in August-September on the east cape of Mexico.

Mr. Wahoo literally Plugged.

Late August and September we typically see little traffic. It is kind of ironic because this time brings some of our best fishing of the season. This year is no exception. There are not many people in town and the ones that are here are enjoying excellent fishing and having the time of their life.

Marlin taking to the air for some flight time.

At the beginning of the month water temp in the Sea of Cortez started to soar and was approaching 90 degrees. Blue marlin and sailfish were providing action but yellowfin tuna and wahoo started to evaporate. Then Tropical storm Javier passed by the tip of Cabo San Lucas. The storm was small and never caused much concern but did dump several inches of rain. The storm dropped water temperatures to a more desirable 84-85 degrees. Since that time we have endured a couple other named storms but they also have been small with little wind but dumping more rain. The storms that have passed cooling the water have made it much less likely that a huge hurricane will form. I’ll take the small ones that bring rain and get us wet any day.

School Yellowfin are abundant and the occasional cow tuna.

As always, the passing storms have perked up the bite. Blue marlin and sailfish have continued to be consistent and now a volume of nicer grade yellowfin along with a few wahoo are providing action. Porpoise have been hard to find and not holding tuna when we do. The action has been on high spots and drop offs chunking calamari. Obtaining the squid has been another challenge as there hasn’t been any to catch. We are buying hundreds of pounds at a time when we can find it. This is creating another challenge with the padrona in my household having our freezers plugged with the bait.

Mark Rayor of Jen Wren Sportfishing has fished the waters of Mexico for over 20 years with great success. If you are looking for an adventure of a lifetime Mark can show you those experiences. You contact him on line through Jen Wren Sportfishing.

Team accurate is heading to Alaska this week and will have a lot to share with you in regards to catching so stay tuned for our visit to Sitka Alaska at Frontier Fishing Lodge with Mac Huffman.

Until next time, May all your lines be tight ones.



Team Accurate

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