Nearshore Bottom Fishing with the Liquid Fire Fishing Team

Low ambient temperatures… brisk winds… cold water… generally, not the conditions considered perfect for southern, Atlantic coast anglers. So, what our Liquid Fire Fishing Team decided recently was to ignore those offerings that early March offered and make a nearshore jaunt in our bay boat to target the often overlooked, underappreciated, but tasty table fare, black sea bass.

While this species isn’t considered difficult to target or catch at any point during the year, the black bass does offer exactly what a fisherperson needs… a target!!

Armed with our new Accurate SR-6 Twin Spins and Boss Valiant BV-300, Crockett and Mark loaded our 26’ bay boat with light-tackle gear, jigs, squid, fluorocarbon and circle hooks and blasted through Bogue Inlet about five miles. It took all of 15 seconds to hookup to our first fish… a 12 ½” short. The species daily limits have changed dramatically during the last seven years, increasing from a 10” minimum length and 15 per person, per day, to 13” length at five per person per day. However, they are plentiful and offer a great deal of fun while working hard to catch enough “knot heads” to fill our limit.

We had two awesome days of fishing, as we caught over 100 sea bass on Saturday and Sunday, finally reaching our limit of 10 keepers to take home and enjoy some of the finest eats the Atlantic Ocean has to offer!! The black sea bass has the whitest and most mild flavor, while still tasting like a fish, you could ever imagine.

While the fight from the species isn’t anything to “right home about,” a nice 14” fish still tugs pretty well on light tackle. Both the SR-6 and BV-300 performed flawlessly. Among the attributes of these power-packed dynamos is they are light enough to handle catching over 100 fish per day without feeling worn out at days-end. However, the torque and drag pressure these light weight monsters offer is more than enough to manhandle the occasional 10-12# dogfish or sand shark into submission with no problems. These newer creations in the Accurate lineup are packed with the quality, power and performance we’ve come to know from this great U.S. company.
It was a great day on the water with father and son. Taking the opportunity to enjoy days on the water together makes memories that last beyond the type or size fish caught… it’s a moment only nature seems to offer.


Enjoy as many days on the water as you can because, there is always excitement awaiting us just beyond the inlets!! Until next time…

Captain Mark Henderson

Team Accurate

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