Sept 2018 Calstar (Accurate/Izorline) 6-Day Red Rooster 3 Trip Report

Andy Cates took the Calstar sponsored 6-day trip to “the Ridge” area for 2-days of yellowfin tuna fishing.  On the way back, we stopped at San Pablo for yellowtail fishing.  The last day was spent kelp paddy hopping for Dorado and some filler yellowfin tuna.

Calstar provided over 20 of their latest model graphiter loaner rods for the passengers to try out.  Accurate also provided a few reels to allow for a couple of complete demonstrator outfits with 30# and 40# line.  Thank you also to Izorline for the spectra and XXX mono on the reels.

I tried to capture passengers having fun and posted these photos in this report.  Calstar is going to be sponsoring this trip again next year.  Contact Maria in the Red Rooster 3 office to sign up for the Sept 2019 trip.

Thank you and I hope you enjoy the trip photos,

Gary Teraoka


Getting ready to leave on the annual Calstar 6-day trip. Thank you to Accurate and Izorline for their support on the trip.


Congratulations Joe Rios who won a Calstar 800 Calstar rod with his 41# tuna.


Congratulation to John Kitley. He won a Calstar 800XH MAG for his 45.6# tuna.


Congratulations to John Blas for winning a Calstar 800ML blank with a 32# yellowtail. Looking forward to seeing this blank custom wrapped by Taka next year.


Owen Curtis was the winner of 65# Izorline spectra and XXX mono.


Henry Blas was the luck winner of a pair of Accurate plier/lanyard/sheath.


A bunch of winners of Calstar sweatshirts and Izorline t-shirts. Everyone received a Calstar t-shirt.


2 years in a row, Calstar rod winning John take a photo of Rowland and Jim.


Everyone smile (L-R son John, father Bill, John, Andrew (doesn’t he look like Andy), Rowland, Jim and Harold


Art, Owen and Chris


Chris gaffing Jim’s tuna with Joe on the right


Jack with the biggest wahoo


Mike, you looked surprised


Jason with his wahoo


Jim and John with their trolling wahoos


Team 1 trolling wahoo by Jim and John


Jim with a bomb caught wahoo


Nice yellowtail Owen


John, watch out for Keith behind you


Bill with his own Valiant, nice.


Nice yellowtail Greg


Rowland, Jake and Jim fully engaged in combat fishing (R-L)


Chris holding up a nice yellowfin


Scott, how’s it going?


Me with a 400 Valiant and 800 M Calstar


Andrew, who is that behind you?


David, night fishing


Gus, are you having a good time?



Henry in the bow with a long rod.


Jack is on



Nice yellowfin Gus


Jim with a yellowtail.


Scott using the rail.


Harold with Chris.


Left handed Harold with my right handed 400 Valiant.




Chris holding up Harold’s nice yellowfin.


Is everything OK Owen? Looks like it is.


George, what are you messing with?




Anderew, where did you find that?


Art helping out Andrew.




Nice fishing with you Henry and your dad John


Father John with a nice yellowtail


Capt. Andy watching over us


Sir George with the queen’s yellowtail


Jake with a lift assist from Art


Rowland looks he is happy about something.


John checking out the conditions


Follow your fish Mike


Dr. Mike is on


Rowland is on


Keith getting a gaff assist from Captain Andy



David, where is brother Jake?


Jack holding up a nice yellowtail


Walter is on.





Gus putting on the final touches, with Capt. Andy waiting with a gaff.


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