Its Show Time! Get to your local consumer show to check out whats new for fishing in 2017.

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The beginning of every year brings the initial push of fishermen getting ready to celebrate the upcoming fishing season. This also brings the start of annual boat and fishing shows throughout the country. This is when anglers can search out their favorite product manufacturers, new products to the market, and learn some of the cutting edge techniques from regional fishermen in the know.

Most of these shows have the regional representatives and some of the bigger shows see corporate booths showing anglers whats new for the 2017 season. Checking out whats up at the consumer shows not only gets your blood boiling for the upcoming season but depending on the new product many manufacturers are pushing the limits with some of the new tackle hitting the market.

Valiant 300

In the last several years the rod manufacturers have figured out ways to make lighter, stronger rods that have excellent actions for a variety of fishing needs. The graphite/glass composite rods with some of the newer actions take pressure off the angler and push the load unto the fish making fishing more enjoyable for angler. These rods coupled with smaller reels like Accurate’s new Valiant series give you a lightweight, powerful set up that takes Small Reels – Big fish to another level.

The amount of new lures that are introduced every year in a myriad of colors is amazing. If its inshore, offshore, or freshwater, anglers are interested in the next best thing. Jigging, trolling, fishing artificial lures inshore, or popping for tunas, creates interest for new and existing anglers resulting in more lures sold.

All the new product can be seen at the upcoming consumer shows through March.


Shows coming up in different regions include:


West Coast: Fred Hall Shows in March Long Beach 1-6th, Bakersfield 10 – 12th, Del Mar 23 – 26th, 2017

Northeast: in March include Somerset Show 17 – 19th, New England Sports show 10 – 12th, 2017

Southeast: in March include Tampa Outdoor Sports Show 3 – 5th, Palm Beach Internationals boat show 23 – 26th, 2017

Another key thing to look for at these shows is the seminar speakers and their schedules. If you are looking to add to your fishing techniques, this is the place to do it. Not only can you learn more about the specific techniques but you can get involved by asking with what tackle they use for specific times of the year, baits, knots, and what to look for when trying to find fish. These guys are speaking for a reason, the more pertinent questions you ask them the better information you will receive.

Dealer Product for sale

Not only can you see and learn more about fishing in your local area but it can be a family affair that can be great for your kids. Many of these shows have indoor shooting ranges with airguns, bows, and electronic guns. Lots of good food to be had with one of my favorites the guys selling all favors of peanuts, almonds, and cashews. The top event of these shows seems to revolve around the kids fishing pool. If you have small kids no better way to get them hooked then catching them a trout in the trout pond. Great time to pass on the passion and get them involved in fishing. If you get the family involved early it will turn into annual event, and it really helps the kids better understand your love of the outdoors.

Take your kid fishing


So if you have a few hours and one of the Outdoor shows come to your town, take the time to check it out. Its fun for the whole family and there is an abundance of fishing information there waiting to help you catch more fish.

Have fun on the water and take your kids fishing.


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