Small Reel… Big Fish!! SR-6 Catch Proves it Once Again with Liquid Fire Fishing Team


The blistering run of a big blackfin tuna is especially exciting on a palm-sized Accurate SR-6! Our Liquid Fire Fishing Team was recently on the water, shooting a commercial, when a fishing trip broke out.

What can we say… the moment filming was complete, off we went! The only problem was the four-foot seas we were going to have to battle in a bay boat! None-the-less… we were on our way. With the weather conditions limiting where we could go, we decided to target some nearshore species that had provided us some fun on light tackle during the winter months.

While bottom-bouncing some bucktail jigs over a defined ledge in 50-feet of water, just two miles off of the North Carolina coastline, flounder, black sea bass and a variety of other species provided a fun afternoon. Suddenly, Crockett noticed a furious feeding frenzy about 100 yards away. Hey, you don’t pass up any opportunity when you’re battling wind, rain and chilly conditions.

As Joshua eased our bay boat toward the school of mystery fish, Crockett fired his SR-6 slightly past the school and almost immediately the smooth drag began a high-pitched ascension as the pelagic beast realized its lunch had bitten back. Still not knowing for certain what Crockett was battling, Joshua and I continued to search for more ledge-dwellers.

However, it wasn’t long until Crockett said, “Hey, I’m not sure, but this could be a blackfin tuna. I think I might have seen a little yellow.” As soon as those words came out of his mouth, there was no doubt what the next ones would be… “We gotta go chase him!!” With several scorching runs, Crockett skillfully worked the fish to the boat, saying a couple more times, “I think this might be a blackfin.” These amazing tuna are rarely seen or caught this close to our coastline; especially on such light tackle.

Twenty-seven minutes into the fight, Crockett’s instinct was proven correct. With no gaff on the boat (remember we were out to film a commercial) I told my sons I would do my best to net the fish with the scoop net we had brought along for flounder. As Crockett brought the tuna from stern to bow on the port side of the boat, I lay across the forward platform, across the gunnel and scooped the 26-pound blackfin head-first into the rubber net.CROCKETT BLACK FIN GP 1

It’s amazing what the sport can do to three grown men. With no tournament involvement on this day, it was just us, not only bonded in the blood of father and sons, but also for the pure love of fishing. The excitement that erupted was genuine and special, as we all immediately understood we had just witnessed something we may never experience in this fashion again. It’s not just the fish, it is truly the experience!! We are grateful for our opportunities we are able to spend together in this great sport. It’s even better with Accurate reels by our side!!

Enjoy you time on the water, and… FISH HARD!


Mark Henderson, Captain
Liquid Fire Fishing Team

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