The Aspects of New Product Development and Time on the Water

The Twins of TwinDrag
The Twins of TwinDrag, Dave and Doug Nilsen

Here at Accurate Fishing Products, being a relatively smaller company versus other reel manufacturers definitely works to our advantage in our eyes. We find that product communication with us is often direct, and the ability to get first hand knowledge in our new product development helps us put out the best possible products. Not having to work with the production off-site or be hampered with communication problems either with language, or by time zones, alleviates timely delays as well as improving the flow of critical product information during initial stages of development. Accurate, being a US company, has Development, Production, as well as Testing all done under one roof. We can follow a product through all stages, being able to communicate with a small group of like-minded individuals towards the common goal of producing a functional, cool product that fulfills the needs and dreams of fishermen throughout the world. One key process of new product development is testing the prototypes to find any possible problems.

Accurate Valiant BV-300

Last week, myself, David, and Douglas Nilsen launched out of Dana Point to take our New Accurate Valiant BV-300 out for its first day on the water to target the variety of Pelagic gamefish presently inhabiting our local west coast waters. The BV-300 was the brain child of our Asia Distributor, Alvin of Anglers’ Outfitters of Singapore. This reel was originally designed for shallow water jigging in Asia but once we started to study the US market we saw it had all sorts of opportunities here at home. Our trip this last week saw those little reels spooled with 30 and 40 lb braid with 40 lb Flourocarbon kick some serious tuna butt (25 to 35 lb schoolies) with a couple Dorado thrown in. The reel is super lightweight with a long throw torque handle available to make it the closest to a 2-speed without having the actual shifting mechanism. The key thing about our trip is that the guys that designed the reels were also the same guys testing the reels and finding the small details to revise on the next round of protos. Accurate works with a limited number of very experienced anglers that help us test product. We listen to the feedback and decipher the important product information. If we hear the same thing over and over from one individual to another, we know we need to look further into the question at hand. This kind of feedback is what great products are made of. The Twins don’t stop innovating, they continue to gather creative and positive ideas from past products as well as new ones to push into the future. As long as we continue to challenge ourselves the product will evolve.

Being able to go from “womb to tomb” per say on products is very important to Accurate’s design and development opportunities. We learn from everything we do from the initial thought process into manufacturing and throughout product development and testing stages. For us, we love to be able to build products that create good feelings as well as memories of a lifetime. We will continue to learn and push ourselves to create new and innovative products to help push the envelope in the competitive fishing arena.

Till next time. Hope all your lines are tight ones.

Ben Secrest

Team Accurate

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