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The Fred Hall Long Beach show is right around the corner starting March 7 – 11th, 2018 at the Long Beach Convention Center. Most of my adult life has been spent at sportsmen shows that focus on fishing, hunting, and outdoor adventures. Having said that, no matter where in the world you go, the Fred hall Show Long Beach is the largest consumer Outdoor show in the world of its type.



Once a dream of Fred Hall, he started his journey in 1946 at Gilmore Stadium in Los Angeles and now the show is housed in the Long Beach Convention Center where it has grown into a legacy for the Hall family and now overseen by Fred’s son, Bart Hall.

Fred hall had one vision when putting the show together,  to “Celebrate the Passion” for fishing, hunting and travel of those individuals pursuing the Ultimate Sports Adventure.

Jack Nilsen and Bart Hall

Fred hall was also very passionate about helping those people looking to get involved in this industry. New comers could go to Fred, and he would give them real information on what to expect at the show, plus a run down on the outdoor industry. Fred taught a lot of people how to do business and move forward in life. He helped the small businessman better understand the outdoor industry and how to make it profitable not only at the show but throughout the year. He was truly interested in people’s welfare and always wanted to see them succeed when it came to supporting themselves and their families. The apple did not fall far from the tree which is evident when dealing with his son Bart. They are gracious and kind hosts no matter what venue you meet them at, always willing to help to a fault.

The Fred Hall show Long Beach  has the biggest names in the fishing industry including Daiwa, Shimano, Accurate, Penn, plus a variety of Fire Arm manufacturers represented in the Turners Outdoorsman and Oak tree gun club booths. These booths will have the newest products available in their product lines with company personnel on hand to answer all your product questions. This show is focused on fishing with freshwater that includes Bass, Trout, Salmon, Sturgeon, and Stripers to name a few plus spinning, conventional bait casters, and even fly fishing.  The Saltwater side is also pretty complete with both Bluefin and Yellowfin tuna, Marlin, Dorado, Calico Bass, White Seabass, Sand Bass, Rockfish, and even Lobster.

The Fred Hall Long Beach show has gathered the best anglers in the west to do a variety of seminars relating the gamefish mentioned previously. They have full-blown Bass pro’s doing seminars on how to read fish locators, water, structure, and time of year patterns. They will teach you all you need to learn to catch fish, the only thing you have to do is listen and be able to apply it on our local lakes. There will be seminars on trout fishing in local southern California lakes as well as local lakes within the city. The Striper pros will go through the local lakes as well as the Colorado river on what to throw lure wise, tackle to use, and best times.

The cool thing about the Fred hall show is if you are looking to hire a guide for your specific type of fishing they are present and you can book a trip right then. Most of these guides have the tackle too so my suggestion would be to spend the day on the water fishing, figure out exactly what you need, and how to use it before investing the money. Guides are the best spent money period when being introduced to fishing.

Boats and more boats.

On the saltwater side of the show there are all the local landings present with their fleets of head boats(1/2 day, 3/4 day trips) from San Diego to Ventura with local fish reports so you know what to expect when booking trips and what they are catching. You can book trips further in advance for pelagic species that will show up in July, August, September, and concentrate on the right time of the year. Sometimes it is really tough to get on a boat during the right months so its good to talk to the captains, and get their opinions on when they see the season starting. There will be plenty of seminars on all saltwater targeted species for the private and party boaters to attend. These are very good ways to gather information on whatever type of fishing you are interested in.

Key is if you do not understand what the instructor is covering make sure you raise your hand and ask. If you are spending the time to sit through a seminar get the maximum amount of information you can. Bring a pen and pad of paper to write down notes and after the seminar make sure you cover anything you might have not understood fully.

Alvin Lim with a Bucket List Yellowfin from Panama

The “Bucket List” is something you will look into when you start visiting the travel booths in the show. If you are looking for the far away exotic fishing destinations to visit, and unsure how to find out about them, you are in luck.

The travel section will have all the lodges from all parts of Alaska including Sitka, Juneau, Fairbanks, Homer, you name it with the lodge owners taking your reservations right on site. They have places in British Columbia for saltwater species , lodges in all parts of Canada for Smallmouth bass, Muskies, and Walleyes, plus Fly fishing trips to remote rivers where Salmon, Greyling, and Sockeye are abundant.

Looking for some warmer climates, there will be outfitters from all parts of Mexico like Puerto Vallarta, East Cape, Cabo San Lucas, for Saltwater species, and also the freshwater guides for Mexico lakes like El Salto, Wheaties, and Agua Milpa.

If you are looking to visit foreign destinations like Panama, Guatemala, New Zealand, Australia, or even try your hand at catching a Brazilian peacock bass on the amazon it’s all possible at the show. Gather all the information on these locations  you need and bring it home to further study up on that spot of a lifetime you want to fish. As mentioned previously, if you are into hunting, this show is a perfect place to find some of the best locations on earth to hunt for that targeted species. Deer, birds, and exotics are all here to choose from as well as bow hunting or Firearms. There are a lot of outfitters offering cast and blast combination trips to hunt and fish the desired areas which is any Sportsman’s ultimate dream.

The show is full of deals so make sure you bring your wallet for incredible fishing deals, great food, best jerky around, and an exceptional display of hunting rifles and guns through the likes of Turners Outdoors and Oak Tree gun club. If you are a hunter don’t miss the opportunity to see whats new and talk your passion with the guys that share it.

Young angler catching a trout



The kids can catch a trout in the trout pond, cast rod and reel setups, do a knot tying contest, and there are plenty of things for them to see and experience.



If you are looking to learn more about your Lowrance Fish Finder they offer a class a complete how to read the meter and adjust it so you can maximize your fishing information while on the water.

Whatever your hearts desires is at the Fred Hall Show Long Beach so if you can make your way down their. Be part of the history and celebrate your passion for the outdoors with people of similar beliefs.

For more information on Fred Hall Long Beach Show visit. Fred Hall Long beach Show

Hope all your lines are tight ones.


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