Three Essential Techniques for Northeast Fishing By Capt Justin Suarez

With the official ushering in of Spring it’s time to get your gear and tackle ready and boats splashed. But what rigs or techniques will you use to guarantee a successful catch?

Getting Jiggy with it


A jig head tipped with a soft plastic is a simple yet killer method to catch a wide variety of Northeast fish like Striped bass, Bluefish, Black Sea Bass , Codfish and even Fluke. The best way of rigging this bait is the following. Take a 4 foot stretch of 30lb fluorocarbon and connect it to your braid via an Alberto knot. Then grab an X Clip and utilize a Palomar knot to tie the xclip to your leader material. Now your set to clip on and off any bait you choose from a bucktail jig, a jig head with a soft plastic or even a pencil popper!






Classic High- Low Rig


This is a Northeast favorite. The high-low is a simple yet effective rig to fish bait and clams when fishing on the drift or over the wrecks and reefs while on anchor. Take a 4-5foot piece of 40lb mono. At the bottom tie a dropper loop for your weight. 6 inches above that loop tie another dropper loop and finally tie a third dropper loop 12 inches above your second loop. The weight goes on the bottom loop and a hook on each other loop and you have the quintessential Northeast bait fishing rig for all of your bottom dwelling species.




Bucktail Rig



This should be your go to rig when you are targeting Fluke in the Northeast. Take a 5 foot section of 30lb fluorocarbon and tie a bucktail on the bottom end. 15 inches above your bucktail tie a dropper loop and dress it with a hook and a Mylar teaser. Tip your bucktail jig and teaser with a Plum Island soft plastic and you are ready to catch some tasty flatfish!!









These three simple rigging options will give you the advantage of nearly all our Northeast inshore species!

Tight Lines to you.

Justin Suarez

Team Accurate



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