“Valiant BV-300 is Here.” Accurate pushes the envelope making the smallest, most powerful reel yet.

BV-300 2MG
Accurate “Valiant BV-300” ready for duty.

The Accurate “Valiant” BV-300 has been delivered to dealers worldwide throughout the last 4 months. This reel is definitely the first of its kind in regards to being a small reel with plenty of power. The BV-300 is packed with angler benefits that every angler wants during their time on the water. These benefits include its extremely lightweight at 9.9 ounces with extra care and effort taken to web the reel of any unneeded material, weighing in at 9.9 ounces, when put together with one of todays lightweight rods makes a very light combo that is pure enjoyment to fish with all day. No fighting the tackle, it feels like an extension of your arm now. The power the BV-300 has harnessed in its drive train is amazing for a reel its size. The 440 heat treated stainless steel, precision ground, gear shaft is supported by dual Anti Revers Bearings which gives strength and stability during use. The Valiant BV-300 with its 6.1 gear ratio also has 17-4 main gear, and pinion gear for increased power, torque, and durability. The internal makings of this reel gives you a single speed that is as close to a 2-speed reel as you can get.

The Valiant has a very unique ergonomic  shape that fits perfectly into the palm of your hand that also creates the strength this reel has by its internal design and webbing of material during the machining process. Its super lightweight yet very strong with incredible cranking power for a reel this size. We have used it for tuna up to 60 lbs,  yellowtail in the 30 lb range, as well as a variety species throughout US waters and Asia with good success. It has three handle arm lengths available but comes with the 4″ length stock. The 41/4″ arm would be for more torque for slow jigging and a 31/2″ handle for speed. Both arms are available additionally from the factory.

The cool lever design lets you hit strike without having to deal with any stops. It has a graduated lever design so you know where you are when pushing the lever forward or backwards. This reel was designed to fish with lighter, parabolic rods using smaller reel seats and trigger grips the a reel clamp is not necessary on to use. The sleeve spool offers you excellent castibility for smaller baits like anchovies and unharnessed freespool for fly lining baits. This reel is lightweight and super easy to fish with making your whole experience on the water that much better.

For more information on the Valiant please goto:Fish the Valiant


Until next time, hope all your lines are tight ones.



Team Accurate


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